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Double head bagging machines are faster in operation and more accurate in weighing. Its twin PLC based system with multiple weighing hopper inside with single discharge bag clamping system for fast operation. Here weighing operation takes place one after the other in discharge from multi weigh hopper to the waiting hopper to bagging, Once the operator clamp the bags to the mouth of the bagging machine by pressing the pedal switch or push buttons. Material gets discharge in to the bags. Where weighing hopper feeds simultaneous to the discharge one after the other from twin weighing system hence it gives faster in weighing and packing. At end of operation, operator can able to view in HMI screen. Total weighed Optionally we can transfer the data to any system or PC or drives.


Machine capacity : 5kgs – 100kgs
Accuracy : +/- 30 Gms
Resolution : 5Gms
Bagging speed : 12 - 13 bags/min (600bags /hours) in 25kgs range
Power supply : 230 Volts 50 Hz three phase supply
Air supply : 6kgs air pressure

How it Works


  • Rice / Dhal
  • Sugar
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemicals
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