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Our Bagging machines are accurate and rugged and easy operation for labours. The material can handle all types of grains free flowing materials like Rice,Dhal, Sugars, Graniuals,and all types of pulses.

Its PLC based system with world class load cell fitted with this system. Initially free set weight will be set at the HMI display in control panel by operator and start the operation by one time set weight by push buttons or pedal switch. paralally operator hooks the bag in to the discharge mouth and it will get auto clamped. Then preweighed materials will discharge in to bag. Once reached the traget weight bag get declamped automatically and travels on the stitching conveyor to stitching and move for stacking. Its user friendly to operate and accurate in weights. At end of operation, operator can able to view in HMI screen. Total weighed and packed bags in no of bags and also quantity in kgs by totalizer weights option by selecting selector switches. Optionally we can transfer the data to any system or PC or drives.


Machine capacity : 5kgs – 100kgs
Accuracy : +/- 20 Gms
Resolution : 5Gms
Bagging speed : 6-8 bags/min (400bags /hours) in 25kgs range
Power supply : 230 Volts 50 Hz three phase supply
Air supply : 6kgs air pressure
Option : PC and printer interface

How it Works


  • Rice
  • Cement
  • oil
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